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90 minutes of grace, elegance

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Vani Rajgopal shows her class
EXPRESSIONS: Vani Rajgopal performing at Mangalore's Town Hall on Thursday.
EXPRESSIONS: Vani Rajgopal performing at Mangalore's Town Hall on Thursday.
It was a display of different facets of a woman at the Town Hall on Thursday — the caring nature of mother, the possessiveness of a lover and her status in society.
Vani Rajgopal, a product of Kalakshetra Chennai, presented all these facets with aplomb during her 90-minute recital. A stickler to the basics, this dancer, a mother of two, had the audience spellbound with her presentation.
She ended her presentation on a high note by presenting a composition choreographed by danseuse Rukmini Devi Arundale.
The concert was organised jointly by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mani Krishnaswami Academy and Alvas Education Trust.
Ms. Rajgopal began the concert with the presentation of Pachankshari Mantra set to Khandachapu Tala.
After this 15-minute long presentation, Ms. Rajagopal went for varnam set to Shivaranjani Raaga. It is in his varnam Ms. Rajgopal showed the way Parvathi cared for her children – Ganesha and Karthikeya.
She showed her command over the “navarasara” (the nine different moods) to depict the way Parvati goes to kill Mahishaura (he-buffalo faced demon) and protect her children.
In the Padam stage, Ms. Rajgopal presented an ancient story about possessive nature of woman of her beloved. Her display of “shrungara rasa” in this 30-minute presentation drew appreciation from the audience. She then presented the popular Bhagyada Laxmi Baaramma set to Madhyamavati Raaga and Aadi tala to show the status of a woman in society.
The last was the tillana choreographed by danseuse Rukmini Devi Arundale. Critic Pratibha M. Samaga said this was a right way to give tribute to the danseuse.
In her emotion and devotion filled performance, Ms. Rajgopal has showed her involvement in the art. Her presentation shows the way a dancer should maintain her body, Ms. Samaga said.
Ms. Rajgopal was ably supported on vocal by Anish Ram, Girish Babu on nattuvangam, vocal by Anish Ram, Vivek on flute and Madhusudhan on flute.
Among those who watched the presentation included renowned musician Kadri Gopalnath. T.C. Shivashankara Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, Mangalore University, and MLA Ganesh Karnik took part.

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